Our Story

Our Story: The Frankopan Collection

The Frankopan Collection seeks to introduce Croatian wine to the world. Croatia is an old and proud nation with a fascinating history as well as a boundless future. Through the years the story of wine has accompanied the story of Croatia, and we are sure that this rich vinicultural heritage will flourish in Croatia’s bright future.

The Frankopan family has its origins from the island of Krk (Veglia) the largest island in the Adriatic which was held in feud from the Republic of Venice. From there it expanded its territories south as well as east under the suzerainty of the Kings of Hungary. During the family’s political ascendency it developed a proto-Croatian state, and later defended the country from invasion by the Ottoman Empire. The family never neglecting to care for the vines of the country that have been growing since Roman times.

The Frankopan family held vast vineyards right until 1945 when the cultivation, distribution and marketing of wine was comprehensively disrupted by the emergence of Communism which lasted until 1990. The Frankopan family has decided to champion the vineyards, vintners and cultivators throughout Croatia and bring some of the interesting and different grape varietals of Croatia to a wider audience. The Frankopan Collection is shining a spotlight on the dazzling diversity of wines from Croatia.