Our Team

Nicholas Doimi de Frankopan

Chairman and Founder

A successful real estate investor, Nicholas was partly brought up in Burgundy, France.  With a resulting love of wine, it was only natural that he would want to harness the amazing potential of Croatian wine as well as the great story that all distinctive Croatian wines have to tell.

Christopher Burr MW

Senior Adviser and Chief Selector

There are few wines that Christopher has not tasted.  There are few parts of the world to which his experience and knowledge do not extend.  His adventurous spirit has enabled him to discover some of the great wines that Croatia has to offer.

Sandra Rojnic-Forza

Head of Sourcing

Sandra is from Istria in the north west of Croatia - but that has not stopped her getting to know every vineyard region in Croatia.  She loves wine and the wine industry - her sunny personality is perfectly suited to finding the very best wines that Croatia has to offer.