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Our Topography:Truely Extraordinary

Apart from France, Croatia is the only country in Europe that straddles Mediterranean and Continental climates. Unlike France, Croatia boasts a wealth of islands, bays and plateaus along her coast. The result is a plethora of either long forgotten or independent and distinctive grape varietals that are grown in Croatia.

The Frankopan Collection’s main mission is to preserve this diversity that Croatia has to offer. We like a good Pinot Noir or a Cabarnet Sauvignon as much as anyone else but this does not deserve to blot out the distinguished, delightful and delicious Posip or Mali Plavac both native wines Croatia. We also want to encourage Croatian winemakers to carry on with the time-honoured grape varietals rather than transform them to the ubiquitous tastes of the day.

Croatian wine has a deserved position in fabulous European wines. The distinctive and different grape varietals are well worth exploring. We are convinced that once you have experienced some of these different varieties you won’t be able to see wine in the same way again.