Our Varietals

Our Varietals: Strength Through Diversity

Pošip; High quality white varietal produced in small quantities, there are only around 500 hectares in total,  from the islands of central Dalmatia, centred on the island of Korčula. This varietal makes extraordinary wines with full body and intensity, yet elegance and charm and lovely fruit aromas and bright fresh acidity for these delicious dry white wines.

Graševina;  The most prolifically planted grape varietal in Croatia with nearly 25% of all plantings, probably originating from the Danube basin and central Croatia and sometimes known where also grown in Austria, Hungary, Germany, Romania and Northern Italy as Olasz Rizling, Laski Rizling or Welschriesling, although this grape has no links to riesling either in DNA or origin or in taste and flavour.   In Croatia it produces light crisp dry white wines with very gentle white peach and ripe citrus aromatics. It has been said by many commentators that Graševina can have great freshness, interest and charm, and take the use of oak extremely well in good hands.


Plavac Mali;  A very ancient dark skinned red varietal from the Dalmatian Coast particularly the island of Split, Korčula, Hvar and around Dubrovnik. The wines can be very fine, are muscular, often with big tannins and powerful dark cherry, plum, wild blackberry fruit flavours and are often quite alcoholic.  In the best hands, (and cooler locations) they are gentler, fresher and more elegant, with the best coming from central Dalmatia.  On the Peljesac peninsular Plavic has gained appellation status as far back as 1961 for Dingač, and also Postup.  Formerly confused with Zinfandel, Plavac can have similar qualities and complexity, but it is no relation.